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A sustainable experience is pure pleasure!

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our guests! By being excellent hosts and offering enjoyable nature experiences, we hope to create memories that will make you want to tell others, as well as come back yourself!

We also want to spread the word about the Vänern archipelago’s Biosphere areas, of which Sofia is an ambassador. It is Sweden’s second biosphere area, announced by Unesco in June 2010. Within the biosphere area, there is an eco tourism network that is developing sustainable eco tourism.

Our ”Guided bus backage 2011” is one example of a Biosphere package. It is developed by operators within the network to meet the informed tourist’s needs and expectations while supporting the local economy.

Allow a day or a few hours to take a trip to meet "Koffa" - the Vänern sea creature that, if in the right mood, plays the harmonica - eat well and soak in the atmosphere of Vänern, which has been nick-named Sweden’s inland ocean. Read more about all of this at

Sofia & Per Svensson

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